Short stories

Here are some short stories I have published under Rebeccah Dean and Rebeccah von Schlieffen.

Rebeccah Dean | Forgotten Dreams

On his first night in the apartment, Petra served Hassan tea a man at the Middle Eastern grocery store on Sonnenallee had picked out for her. She wore a baggy cable knit sweater with a small hole on the left shoulder, both cuffs slightly frayed. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, exposing the gray mixed in with the ash blonde. “I hope you’ll be comfortable here,” she said in English. She tore the paper from the tea bag into little pieces, the shreds with Arabic writing on them falling li

Verdad Magazine, Literature and Art | Fiction | Rebeccah Dean

The birds were easy to kill. Through the water they glided gracefully, but on land they toddled like a small child. The three men remembered when they could simply pluck them off the rocks; hundreds of birds, more than they could ever eat before sailing back to shore. Some they cooked on the island—birds in the pot and birds underneath, their black, oily bodies set aflame. When a market opened for their feathers, the men harvested at their nesting grounds all summer long. They stopped bothering

Hungry Boy That Close to Danger

I went to grade school with a girl who had the world’s tiniest paper shredder above her lips. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was an oddly symmetrical scar or maybe a pale mole. But we knew what it was. When our teacher Ms. Orlich left the room the girl—her name was Janice—fed paper through the shredder and let us watch. The shredder made a faint, high pitched drone, like a bee hive at the bottom of a well. Seconds later, streamers of paper shot out of Janice’s open mouth and we laugh